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Company strength

Technological innovation strives for development, and we constantly improve our own growth to meet the growth of customer value

Quality assurance

Products are king, quality is the key to survival, and the products that customers need are the ultimate, so that customers can not only feel at ease, but also bring personalized experience

after-sale service

Service itself is the performance of adding value to customer value, not repeated testing and maintenance of products with technical and quality defects at customer's home


The company has its own production workshop, complete processing and manufacturing equipment, clean factory environment and high-quality equipment, and is your trustworthy partner!

About us

Qingdao gumiqi automation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing vermicelli plastic bags (stereo bags, children's noodles, handbags, strapping connection) packaging machinery, serving the continuous improvement and innovation of vermicelli intelligent packaging production line, respecting common sense, solving customers' real pain points, and contributing to the unlimited future of vermicelli packaging machine industry.

Our dream is to make a 24-hour non-stop noodle packaging equipment;
Why do we do this: at present, the real pain points of the customers of dried noodles are that the packaging equipment used by them has many employees, large loss and high failure rate, which is far from the foreign equipment and the packaging equipment of flour and other industries. Therefore, we should make efforts to change the status quo, solve the real pain points of the customers, and strive for the unlimited future of the dried noodles industry;
How we do it: in line with the idea of "research, production and marketing", according to the market to understand the needs of customers, in the field we are good at, we should do the equipment, and do the equipment that customers really need;
What we have: we have technical and management personnel engaged in noodle packaging equipment for 20 years, technical, programming, installation, debugging and after-sales personnel engaged in noodle packaging equipment for more than 10 years, as well as assembly personnel and parts production personnel engaged in noodle packaging equipment for seven or eight years. We have a high-quality, young and innovative team.

Qualification certification

The invention relates to a double strapping detection device
A type of shredding and cutting machine
A bin assembly and noodle conveying device based on conveying line
The utility model relates to an adjustment structure of a bag-making machine
The utility model relates to a bundling connecting device
The utility model relates to a constant tension output device for packaging bag film and packaging
A utility model patent for a seasoning conveying device

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